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OSCE Chair welcomes commitment to addressing issue of missing persons in the Western Balkans

Leaders of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and BiH signed a declaration on completion of the process of searching for missing persons from the past wars (ICMP)

The OSCE Swiss Chairmanship supported this regional initiative and would encourage other states to follow suit, Burkhalter said. >>>

“Once the water recedes” - OSCE documentary raises awareness of flood disaster aftermath in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Severe flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aftermath, streets of Maglaj (E.Jahic)

The documentary aims to raise awareness of the ongoing situation across the country, which is still critical in some locations and further compounded by more flooding and landslides in August 2014. >>>

OSCE Head of Mission calls on Brcko District citizens to determine their citizenship before 28 August 2014

Brčko is situated in Bosanska Posavina, and is the social, economical and cultural centre of this region.

The Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, Fletcher M. Burton, today called upon the citizens of Brcko District to determine their citizenship before 28 August 2014 so that they can participate in ... >>>


Online tool for citizens to report hate motivated incidents, responses to these incidents and initiatives aimed at their prevention
Press: OSCE launches online tool to track hate crimes and bias-motivated actions in BiH
Photo: Supergradjani/ke Campaign Launch
Website: www.supergradjani.ba
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