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About Us

OSCE BiH is an important source of economic and social news concerning the growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. English-speaking visitors now have the opportunity to follow all the political, education and social challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following Bosnia events can be a little difficult for anyone that doesn’t understand the language. Our primary goal is to bring you all the latest happenings in Bosnia as well as events from the Western Balkans. We obtain information from the right sources to ensure that our English-speaking listeners are not misled.

Our Belief

Since the end of the Bosnian War, the country has not regained true peace and unity. We believe that this feat can be achieved faster with external interference. Sadly, those who should be in the position to help are handicapped because they don’t have an source that displays the Balkan problems in a language they can understand.
Sebilj fountain in Pigeon Square, Bascarsija quarter, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sebilj fountain in Pigeon Square, Bascarsija quarter, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

We believe that if Bosnia’s deplorable state is given a good coverage, the chances of attracting key players that will turn around the fortune of the country will be increased. We believe there are so many people out there who will be willing to help the country’s rebuilding process but are unsure of which sectors need the most attention.

For example, since the end of the Bosnian War, there have been isolated cases where people go into the field and accidentally trigger a landmine which results in their death or mutilation. Efforts have been made to get rid of the landmines but the target cannot be met because of shortage of funds.

Corruption is also eating deep into the national fabric. Corrupt practices thrive better in places where they are not exposed or, even if exposed, the message doesn’t travel far. Making this website available in English version will help to propagate cases of corruption beyond the borders of the Western Balkans. Aware of the magnitude of the dent this could cause to their image, it should be enough to deter politicians from corrupt practices.

Our Mission

Bosnia & Herzgovina is strategically positioned in the Western Balkans
Bosnia & Herzgovina is strategically positioned in the Balkan region
At OSCE BiH, we are committed to bringing you genuine, unadulterated information spanning across the political, economic, and social sphere of the nation. You can trust us to keep you informed about the recent happenings in the Balkan region in a language you can understand.

We take responsibility of attracting philanthropists to the nation through balance reportage. We dedicate ourselves to the struggle of uniting the nation by using a common language. We know this will not be an easy task but with commitment and persistence we know it is also not impossible.

What We Aim To Be

Our Future

In the future we want OSCE BiH to expand beyond just a news website. We would like to have a forum through which our readers can interact with us and with each other as well as send in happenings from their area which ordinarily we may not be able to reach on time.

By interacting with each other, we hope to fight the sectionalism that has eaten deep into the soul of our dear nation.

Have ideas that is in line with our goal?