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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very important country in the Western Balkan region. As the region continues its push to be integrated into the European Union, it has become important to make the burning situations in Bosnia available to other EU countries that may not understand the native language.
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian are the main languages in Bosnia-Herzgovina

This is why B&H news and changes are now available under English language on this blog. English is well accepted across the European Union and the world at large and it will help other nations to be able to contribute to the political, economic and educational issues arising in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You know it is hard for anyone to help you if they do not understand you first.

The Bosnian War is over but not the Bosnian problems. The EU understands the volatility of the peace in the region which explains why Operation ALTHEA continues to get extended and the EU troops continue to lurk around the Kosovo neighborhoods.

There is a general feeling of distrust among the Bosnian citizens for politicians in the country. Bosnian politicians continue to divide the nation along ethnic lines further frustrating any plans to unite the Croats, Serbs, and Bosniaks in the country.

Republika Srpska's area and sigil
Republika Srpska’s area and sigil

Russia’s interest in Bosnia is also not a secret. Bosnia is not yet a part of the European Union and there is a strong indication that Russia’s influence on the Bosnia-Serbs dominated Republika Srpska has a lot to two with this – since the two autonomous regions of the country have to reach agreement before any legislature can be passed.

One of the glaring results of the internal ethnic crisis in Bosnia is the deplorable state of the education sector. Students within the same school are grouped depending on their ethnic groups and taught a different curriculum. The absence of a national ministry of education to verify and monitor institutions is a bane to the growth of the education sector in the country.

Economically, Bosnia is not faring well either. Just when you think the figures are going up, it slumps back and stays down. In April, the IMF predicted a growth of the economy by 3 percent but by October, the figure was revised to 2.5 percent.

English is called the universal language.
English is called the universal language.

The Bosnian War left a scar which cannot be fixed in a day. The landmines left behind are also a source of concern. Failure to meet the de-mining is linked to lack of funds. Bosnia can only get viable help if more people know about these problems and translating Bosnian news to English is a good start.