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We bring you the most relevant news from this beautiful country.
We bring you the most relevant news from this beautiful country.

OSCE BiH is the right place to visit if you are looking for an English version of Bosnian news. If you are facing any challenge with the website or you have ideas that is in line with our goal, you can reach us through any of our contact portals and we will be glad to listen to you and give you expedited response.

There are different ways to contact us. You can either contact us through our social media handles or call us and have someone handle all your problems.

For general inquiries about our team, mission and future you can find this link here.

Our primary goal is to be as informative as possible. We want to churn out articles that will help our English-audience have a better grasp of the difficulties faced by Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as any effort geared towards solving them.

We think it is important for the world to know about the problems facing the region and how several other nations are trying to spin the division to their interest. Bosnia’s education system was supposed to be one of the strongest uniting agents of the nation but it is today being used to foster more division across ethnic lines.

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Bosnian news in English!
This site provides Bosnian news in English!

Promoting a unitary language that is different from those spoken by the Croats and Serbs is also a good way of fostering unity. When people speak a common language, there tend to be no secret between them unlike when the meaning of the words of one party is totally unknown to the other party.

We are open for partnership. If you share our belief and mission, you can also contact us to see how we can partner together for the overall good of the country.

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