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Western Balkans Expansions Splits The EU

The Balkans is a region in South East of Europe. The western Balkan is made up of Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. Due to the Yugoslav wars that took place if the 1990’s, this region is known to the world as that which is volatile, corrupt and a war stricken area. The wars were due[...]
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Kosovo’s Recognition May Be Considered By Bosnia And Herzegovina

Ibrahim Gashi, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs recently paid an informal visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. During his visit, he received assurance from Kosovo’s document will soon be recognized by Bosnia. Kosovo can only trade with Bosnia if the latter recognizes its documents. “They are aware that this issue at this time is more[...]
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Territorial Integrity Of Bosnia And Herzegovina Supported By Moscow

The Dayton Agreement ended the nearly three years of war (1992 to 1995) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the terms of the agreement was territorial integrity. Speaking on the issue, Pyotr Ivantsov, the Russian ambassador to the Balkans said Russia is in support of Bosnia’s territorial integrity. “We have signed the Dayton Agreement[...]
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