Pakistan And Bosnia Ties Bound To Grow Outgoing Envoy Says

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Pakistan And Bosnia Ties Bound To Grow Outgoing Envoy Says

Pakistan And Bosnia
H.E Dr. Nedim Makarevic during the farewell event
H.E Dr. Nedim Makarevic speech during the farewell event

The farewell reception in honor of the outgoing Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Pakistan, H. E. Dr. Nedim Makarevic organized by the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies and the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (COMSATS) was an emotional event.

Also in attendance to bid their colleague farewell was a large number of Ambassadors from the Diplomatic Corps of Islamabad. Executive Director of COMSATS, Dr Junaid Zaidi seized the occasion to shower encomium on the outgoing ambassador for contributing to the strengthening of bilateral ties between Bosnia and Pakistan. Makarevic also spoke about his experience in Pakistan.

“Pakistan is on of the wonderful countries of the world. During my presence in the country, my aim was to promote and highlight the relationship to much-higher level than before. Ties between Pakistan and Bosnia are bound to grow and see new heights as the people of Pakistan and Bosnia feel deeply for each other.”

Source: Pakistan Observer

Pakistan's Junaid Zaidi and Bosnia's Nedim Makarevic engaged in serious talk.
Pakistan’s Junaid Zaidi and Bosnia’s Nedim Makarevic engaged in serious talk.

Zaidi said Makarevic was more like a friend and his departure from Pakistan will only make him an Ambassador of COMSATS and Pakistan as he in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zaidi also emphasized on how Makarevic has been shared with COMSATS vision of expanding its membership base as well as cooperation in science and technology between Pakistan and Bosnia.

The president of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, Mrs. Farhat Asif also used the occasion to highlight the role and challenges she faced with the ambassador during their time working in other countries.

Emerging from war, Bosnia has remained in a state of economic difficulty which threatens the sustenance of the fragile peace in the area.

While commenting on about his home country, Makarevic also took time to point out that all the problems in Pakistan can be solved with education. It can be recalled that Makarevic chaired the cooperation between NUST for scholarship for students from Bosnia. He also established the Pak-Bosina Education Foundation.

Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif waving to the people.
Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif waving to the people.

Last year when the Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif visited Sarajevo, he was with the Chairman of Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Denis Zvizdic. During the visit, they agreed to strengthen ties in defence, trade, textile, and agriculture. Sharif pointed out that Pakistan was committed to the prosperity and progress of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to Sharif, it was a great pleasure to be with the “friends and well-wishers” of the historic and beautiful city of Sarajevo. He also thanked the government of Bosnia in advance for the ties with Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing unique problems also including crisis in the power sector. This was also discussed in the meeting. Bosnia has an expertise in hydropower while Pakistan has a large coal reserve concentrated around Sindh. Improved ties between the two countries can help them to tackle their unique problems.

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