The Croatia-Gate: Why Are They Deporting Bosnians?

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The Croatia-Gate: Why Are They Deporting Bosnians?

The war that involved 1992 and 1994 left scars that haven´t yet fully healed. This ongoing tension between nations is now much calmer than its warfare days but still makes it to the headlines of the world´s newspapers.

The Croatia-gate is a hot topic in the region and Bosnians are making public announcements about abuses suffered from Croatian police and government.

Read on to understand why Bosnians are being deported from Croatia.


Many Bosnians living in or planning to live in Croatia were denied of their working permits.

As it was informed by Al Jazeera, many Bosnians living in or planning to live in Croatia were denied of their working permits. Croatian government didn´t stop there, though; allegedly, Bosnians were deported and then also labeled as national security threats. This news was spread by the Bosnian independent web newspaper Zurnal.

The information given by this portal is that the reason behind this deportation is that Bosnians refuse to perform secret intelligence missions and other tasks such as hiding guns to be later discovered in Bosnian mosques. Other allegations include more drastic actions like Croatian police violently hitting and kicking Bosnians, stealing their belongings and then deporting them.

In some cases, deportation didn´t include the entire family leaving children in one country and broken families in the other. According to Bosnian testimonies, police even destroyed and/or stole their cellphones, keeping them isolated.

These Bosnians that provided the testimonies as a way to make a formal claim said that in some cases, the police that violently escorted them to the border were wearing uniform and some others they were wearing masks. Some said they were taken in police cars and mentioned shots made to the sky.

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Asylum Seekers And Croatian Responsibility

A big social theme for Bosnians is to find asylum in neighbor countries just like Croatia. It is important that the receiving countries understand which is their responsibility with refugees looking for asylum.

According to Lydia Gall, who is a Human Rights Researcher for the Balkans and Easter Europe, Croatia is obliged to look after those seeking asylum and also migrants. Furthermore, she stated that what Croatian police is doing is to violently beat up and push Bosnians out of Croatian borders.

Croatian Response

Similar accusations were formulated in August 2018.

Similar accusations were formulated in August 2018. These previous accusations stated that Croatia had pushed back 2,500 asylum seekers and immigrants back to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The organism behind these statements last time was the office of the UNCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) What Croatia responded to these allegations was that the sources of the information were not clear or trustable.

Besides denying accusations, border Croatian Police refused to give to Lora Vidovic (Croatian ombudswoman) police records regarding the treatment of immigrants.

Deportation Criteria And Method

While it is true that, according to the bilateral agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, the latter one can deport those who don´t have the correct permissions to work and live in the neighbor country.

The majority of those claiming they suffered violence from Croatian authorities didn´t undergo any kind of formal procedure for their deportation.

EU Regulations And Croatia Behaviour

Denying information to an ombudswoman is an outrageous act of protecting crime perpetrators.

According to 1951´s Refugee Convention that is in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Croatia has to conduct thorough and corruption-free investigations on their police officers as well as their authorities and also reconstruct the facts to find those who are guilty. Denying information to an ombudswoman is an outrageous act of protecting crime perpetrators.

Croatian behavior is completely different from the one they should have under EU regulations and is the EU who should take action and investigate under a legal proceeding against Croatia for EU-law violation.

The European Commission has not yet made any moves or taken any action in the matter, making the refugees, asylum seeker and migrants live just a little bit harder.

Conclusion – Why Are They Deported?

Most specialized media states that the reason Croatia deports Bosnians is related to them refusing to perform intelligence activities against Bosnian mosques. Other members of the media state that is a measure to protect work sources and keep them for Croatians.

Finally, Croatian sources deny deportations and violence. Until the reason and the deeds are proved, it is important to follow up on the investigation process.


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